Recalculating Route

Studio Floris Schoonderbeek made various experimental roadtrips in 2020 with the Fieldstation, the second camper made by Collectief Soepel. On these journeys, he searched for collaborations with other thinkers and designers, to experience and experiment. The search resulted in various concepts, which were developed further in collaboration with Collectief Soepel.

The Airsteamers are clean vegetable-barbecues for a new and sustainable outdoor-cooking experience. Industrial tubes from service pipes were aptly put together to create a BBQ with a new, organic shape.

The Botanictub combines natural systems to create a calm, warm climate for plants and humans. This product is a sauna and hottub in a greenhouse, and gives you a natural wellness experience on any location. To stoke up this system, Collectief Soepel worked with Floris to create a wood burning ‘rocket stove’. The hot air in the chimney heats up the bath or the sauna.

The Sunstove is a (solar)cooker, lamp and a table, all in one. Designed to use outdoors, in harmony with nature, it uses the sun as a natural heatsource. The middle of the horseshoe-table harbours a reflecting stainless steel bowl. By rotating within the table, the bowl can follow the orbiting sun. When the concentrated sunlight is not used for cooking, it can charge the battery in a lamp for soft lighting in the evening.

The Raintap enables the use of rainwater by collecting and storing the rain. The tap, footpump and sink form a clever waterstation, and can transform the Raintap from rain barrel into a (hand)washing station, and even into a compact outdoor kitchen. Collectief Soepel further developed this product for serial production.

The products are on display in the exposition Recalculating Route in the Kazerne (Eindhoven). The presentation aired during the Dutch Designweek in 2020 and is accessible until February 2021.

Concept & Design: Studio Floris Schoonderbeek
Development & Realization: Collectief Soepel

Recalculating Route at the Dutch Design Week 2020
Studio Floris Schoonderbeek
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