Horribly delicious

In history, we tend to change our attitudes to the taste and smell of different dishes. Even on a personal level, your taste in food will vary throughout your life. Plus: what you find abhorrent, someone else could find delicious. What impacts your judgement is mostly flavour, smell, look, image, or even taboos. Did you know that people used to eat dogs, or that garlic hasn’t always been a widely used ingrediënt?

Collectief Soepel created the temporary exhibition ‘Horribly Delicious’ for the Nederlands Openlucht Museum, with Felix in charge of the project. For the designing process and the audiovisual content, we collaborated with our favorite photographer and cameraman Bart Laport.

‘Horribly Delicious’ is based on 10 different flavours, who are tied together with the 10 timeframes from the ‘Dutch Canon’. Every flavour has its own ‘kitchen unit’, in which the theme was presented in various ways. The units were made with special tiles from Dtile.

Collectief Soepel completed this project succesfully: the exhibition was open for visitors in the ‘canon-building’ in the Openluchtmuseum until february 2020.



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