Hoisted Cabin

In the summer of 2017, Collectief Soepel planned to make a treehouse in an old willow tree on the grounds of Camping Oosterbeeks Rijnoever in Oosterbeek. Unfortunately, right before the project could start, the tree was cut down by Rijkswaterstaat. The plan took a new turn: the tree trunk was relocated onto the base of an old phone mast. A cabin was built around the pole: itcan be hoisted up when the water reaches high tides.

Pieter Brantjes, owner of Camping Oosterbeek Rijnoever, is delighted that the cabin was built on his land: the customers use it everyday, and he suspects it will last at least a decade. The Hoisted Cabin was built in one week, and is primarily made of residual wood. It survived several winters, and despite the abnormally high tides, it is still in use today.


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